2020 Recap

Aleta Souphanh, Reporter


  • 20th – First COVID cases in the U.S
    • First case showed up in an American citizen traveling from Wuhan, China to his home in Washington state.
    • “I look back and realize that this was the start of 2020 being a really sad year for most of us and it could have definitely been better but besides all of the negative stuff that happened, people could have seen 2020 as an opportunity to improve themselves.” Senior, Tim Nguyen
  • 26th – Death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and all passengers on board
    • Killed in a helicopter crash in California when it went down in the hills of Calabasas and a fire broke out.
    • “The death of Kobe Bryan and his daughter was unbelievable. It’s sad to see such a role model and inspirational person pass away so early and fatally.” – Junior, Aliza Nguyen
  • 16th – Beginning of Impeachment trial of President Donald Trump


  • 2nd – Chiefs win Superbowl
  • 5th – Acquittal of President Donald Trump
  • 6th – First coronavirus death in U.S.
  • 9th – “Parasite” first non-English best picture winner


  • 17th– School cancelled
  • 12th– World Health Organization called the coronavirus a pandemic
  • US stocks recorded their worst day since 1987
  • 13th – NCAA tournament cancelled
  • 24th – Olympics postponed


  • 28th – U.S hits 1000000 cases


  • 2nd – Murder hornets were spotted in the US
  • 25th – Floyd case

  • 27th – First space x crew launch


  • 1st – Trump clears protestors for the bible photo op
  • 3rd – All 4 officers involved in Floyd’s death charged with homicide
  • 15th – SCOTUS rules against LGBT discrimination in the workplace
  • 18th – SCOTUS rules in favor of DACA
  • 29th – Gov. Kelly issues mask mandate in KS


  • 27th – Drake breaks record for most singles on the billboard hot 100


  •    4th – Beirut explosion
  •    21st – BTS’ release new single Dynamite, becomes 1st video to be watched more than 100 million times in 24 hours on YouTube
  • 28th – Chadwick Boseman death


  • 10th – California’s August Complex wildfire becomes largest recorded in state history at 471,000 acres (736 square miles)
  • 14th – Astronomers report a possible sign of life on Venus, after detecting phosphine in the planet’s atmosphere by telescope
  • 18th – RBG death


  • 2nd – Trump tests positive for COVID
  • 6th – Eddie van Halen death
  • 11th – NBA finals/Lakers championship


  • 7th, Election of Joe Biden for president


  • 14th – Electoral college votes for Biden