Covid Vaccine

David Lowndes, Reporter

“I worry for all of my families safety really but, for my mom specifically. It’s kind of more scary because she’s touching people’s mouths.”

Senior Athyna Pham worries since her mother is a dental hygienist who could be exposed to the virus.

“They’re very hygienic with the gloves, the sanitizing and all that so, I know they’re being as careful as they can and it is scary,” she said.

She feels safer now with the vaccine accessible to her mother.

“I have never gone through anything like this, nobody really has with the whole pandemic. Nobody knows what could happen but it’s definitely reliving that she could get the vaccine. I’m relieved because cases are going up a lot and hopefully this will help

The Kansas vaccine distribution plan.

with that,” Pham said.

Kansas has a vaccine distribution plan that shows 4 phases of who gets the vaccine.

Phase 1 includes health care personnel, long-term care residents and facility staff. Phase 2 has teachers as well as public workers, and individuals at high risk. Finally Phases 3 and 4 include all other adults and children.

With the vaccine becoming available students are now hoping that means open doors for everyone at school.

“I’d say it safe as long as it’s tested well enough and be assured that we won’t get anything bad will happen to us,” Jr. Nayzeth Herrera said. “There’s definitely less worry in this now that there’s a vaccine then before.”

Although no one knows when that date may be.

“I’m hopeful that it will but nobody can say really,” Jr. Will Smith said. “Do I believe so? Yes eventually, but I think it will be a long time until that happens like years even.”