Why You Should Watch Anime


Kyoto Animation

Shouko bumps into Shoya in a scene from “A Silent Voice,” a show about a deaf girl and her bully who later become friends and form a relationship.

Aria Montoya, Reporter

Anime from an outside perspective can be perceived as cartoons. It’s however more than just cartoons. Some animes have hidden meanings than ordinary shows, like saying taking it easy from time to time and even taking things slow in relationships and connections. Anime is something that can be enjoyed without having to feel anxious about the outside world where you must experience things you don’t want to yet. 

“Slice of Life” is a genre for portrayal of earthly, everyday life and is good for being at ease with life and taking a break. A show that portrays taking it easy is “Why Don’t We Play Together.” This anime is about a group of girls that start a club for their pastimes, so they can enjoy what they want to do and achieve their goals. 

Before anyone thinks that anime is weird, some of your favorite celebrities absolutely love it. Celebrities like Keanu Reeves, Michael B. Jordan, Megan Fox, Samuel L. Jackson, Snoop Dogg, just to name a few. In an interview with Highsnobiety magazine, Michael B. Jordan said, “Anime is something that was a big piece of my childhood, my adult life and my creativity.”

Anime covers a wide array of different topics. “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas,” is about a girl with a sickness that falls in love with a guy who doesn’t like her back until it’s too late. “A Silent Voice”, about a deaf girl and her bully who later become friends and form a relationship. “The Rising of The Shield Hero”, transported to another world, the underdog, sets off on his own to prove himself a worthy hero, making new allies along the way. “Kakegurui”, a girl who transfers to a gambling school, to outsmart the people who cheat their way to the top and gamble the student counsel to play with the president. 

Taking that into consideration, it’s best to say that there is more to anime than just being cartoons for children. 

A show that really got me into watching anime is “Demon Slayer”. This show is about a boy named Tanjiro trying to cure his sister Nezuko from a demon curse, all while joining a secret society to defeat demons. The animation style for the fight scenes flow so smoothly and graceful which can get your heart beating. The emotions and sympathy Tanjiro has for demons give a whole new perspective on the lead male characters. I’ve never really had an appeal to anime until I watched Demon Slayer because I thought anime was just another form of cartoons, so I didn’t have a second thought about watching it. The day I did start watching anime my mind was blown and my opinion changed immediately. If you haven’t watched anime before, give it a try.