Status of Senior Events


2020 Drive Through Graduation

Ashunti Sanders, Reporter

Last spring, many seniors were robbed of many important milestones in their high school experience such as homecoming, prom, Goldust, graduation and many other events due to the pandemic.

“As an underclassman, I had always wanted to be a senior and have the same experience as everybody else did. Before COVID-19 I had imagined myself in that place too with the same senior privileges,” Sr. Brittney Covarrubias said.

So far this school year, the seniors have not been able to live through their dream senior year. Being in remote school is not the ideal year seniors thought they’d have. Seniors have yet to experience a homecoming or any other events that would normally happen in the fall. Could seniors miss out on a typical prom and graduation this spring?

“We were actually just talking about graduation…I think as of right now everything is on schedule for that…as far as graduation concerns, we feel pretty confident that it won’t be like it was last year, unfortunately, for the seniors. We can go back to what was sort of normal. We might be restricted as far as how many family members in and all of that, but as of right now we’re scheduled May 21… As far as prom, to be really honest with you, I have not heard anything about prom. I would imagine it probably just depends where we’re at as far as vaccinations and all that. So, our hope is that we give you guys, we give seniors much of what’s normal as possible so we’re pretty hopeful. Definitely nothing is cancelled as of right now,” administrator Travis Rogers said.

Many seniors were hopeful that this year would be different than last year, but now they’re starting to get worried.

“I honestly still feel upset that my senior year is not how I imagined it would be. I’m more upset because I’m going to miss out and I’m never going to be able to recreate those events in my life. It is what it is for the sake and safety for all and at least I can say that I’m going to graduate from high school, but it’s not the same as in like going to your senior prom or going to do this, going to your senior football game, going to your senior events. You’re not going to be able to recreate it,” Sr. Alejandra Colchado said.

“Before my senior year I had thought that there would be a possibility for in person learning although I had chosen online learning when enrolling. I didn’t mind switching back after the 9 weeks ended because that was an option to begin with or as things went back to normal. I was excited at first, thought about the pros like we can get up a little later and don’t have to get ready, having open book tests, being able to snack and take restroom breaks whenever or stay with my pets all day everyday but it got boring really quick and it almost felt like it was the same day endlessly repeating. It makes me feel down from time to time but things never go how I imagine it,” Covarrubias said, “so I think anything can happen and maybe it could be a good change at the end of this year.”

Now that the BOE has made the decision to bring students back to school for the spring, things could possibly go back to normal.