BOE Reactions

David Lowndes, Reporter

After the school board’s decision to stay remote for the second quarter, we asked students what they thought of that decision.

“I feel like it’s a good thing but they should’ve done it sooner. If they would’ve put other schools in remote sooner, it would’ve helped the situation more instead of extending it especially since the raising,” junior Bradin Powell said.

“I think they did this so we don’t really cause a problem with people and spread it, like people who are weak to it. Families to with older people and people with lung problems and stuff,” junior Evan Boudreau said.

After a few months students are now adjusted and comfortable with online classes.

“I think it would be difficult for students or teachers either way. Online, teachers and students didn’t really get the knowledge given to them or the preparation that they needed to properly execute and if it were to be online coming into close contact with each other,” junior Caleb Dodd said.

Now students are ready to finish the year off while still dealing with COVID, however long that takes.