Winter Sports Safety


Jasyra Kennedy, Reporter

KSHSAA and the BOE have made the decision to allow sports to continue with precautions 

When making a decoction as big as this one, that will impact a lot of student-athletes, the board just went along with what KSHSAA has decided.  

The decision shocked a lot of athletes when they heard the final decision. Many athletes are very happy about the decision to allow sports to start Thursday Dec. 3rd. 

“It went pretty well considering everything going on they could have easily cancelled the season or postponed it. I’m glad they made the season start on time,” Sr. Ishmel Mannie said 

KSHSSA decided to allow the season to proceed as normal with a few changes. They are not allowing fans until Jan15. The games will be lived streamed for many people watch from home, but Kasha has sense then changed their mind and allowed fans and specters to come starting December Friday the 11th. The BOE of Wichita has not made their decision yet.  

“I feel a little bit like it’s a lot maybe but I get the point of wanting to keep the parents and kids safe. I would only get worst in the end if the rules didn’t change,” Soph. Jada Harvey said.  

At Southeast, many athletes are doing their very best to make sure their season is not canceled. Social distancing and remembering to wear mask in the halls. At multiple places in the gym and halls their is hand sanitizer. 

“Constant cleaning and disinfectant of the basketballs and the locker room. Mask is required at all times even during practice,” head girls basketball coach Donald Dixon said. 

We have mangers who mop the mats every day before and after practice,” Fr. Khia Jones said.  

For many of the sports, it’s hard to follow the guidelines. As for wrestling and basketball. In wrestling you are physically touch peoples bodies over and over. During basketball, the ball is being touched by at least two people every 2 minutes. Doing the extra disaffecting the mats and basketballs. Just t make sure they get through the season. 

“After practice I spray and wipe every ball, just to keep the girls safe all the way around,” assistant coach Perkins said.  The season being cut short has a lot of people exited for the upcoming season setting goals for the end of the season now.  

I plan to build my strength up in basketball, get closer to my teammates and go to state,” Sr Julian Bean said. 

It’s going to take a lot of hard work in keep the guidelines to keep the season alive and everyone healthy.