Holiday Ratings

Anna Nguyen, Reporter

Christmas is the time of the year most people enjoy. It’s best to wear your fuzziest Christmas socks, make some hot chocolate and wrap yourself in a blanket during this holiday. If you’re wanting to try new things for Christmas, these reviews have you covered!

Christina will be rating my Christmas cookie recipe and I will be rating music, foods and drinks, and songs.

Christmas Movies

“Home Alone” is one of the most iconic movies. It has a great balance in its suspense and humor. This movie will make you laugh but it will make you feel excited to see what would happen next. This movie is a 10/10, I highly recommend this for children and adults to watch.

Up next is The Polar Express”. This movie had great graphics and a beautiful scenery.

This was always a go-to in elementary. A 10/10, everyone should watch this movie. It is the best movie for children.

Next up is “Elf”. This movie is hilarious, although it might not be okay for younger children, it was a great movie. It is an 8/10.

Christmas Songs

One of the most iconic songs of all time is “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey. This song is a go-to, and I am sure everyone knows at least some lyrics of this song. This song is a 10/10!

Secondly is “Mistletoe” by Justin Bieber is an 8/10. Before he went rogue and grew up, he was an innocent teenager making music. This song was a big hit when he released it, it has a good beat to dance to.

Lastly, “Last Christmas” covered by Ariana Grande is also an 8/10. This song is covered by the beloved Ariana Grande. It’s a good song to jam to in the car.

Christmas Foods

Christmas foods are the best during Christmas. Excluding the ham, stuffing, greens, etc. The best Christmas food and drinks are decorated sugar cookies, seasonal drinks, and gingerbread houses. Gingerbread houses are always a 10/10. It is fun to make a mess then you can eat the mess after! See Christina’s review.

The peppermint mocha drink from Starbucks is one of the best drinks ever made. It has a good balance of the coffee in it and the peppermint flavor is sweet and it’s just perfectly balanced. It is always my go-to drink, if not that then the peppermint frappe, 10/10.

Lastly, sugar cookies are an 8/10. These cookies are always the best cookies to eat even without the holidays. The tree decorated cookies or the frosted snowman cookies are always so cute. They show that the baker has some great holiday spirit! These sugar cookies are sometimes too sweet, its only best to eat one.

Now is the time to rest and get cozy, turn up some music or put on a movie. Enjoy the rates, I hope it helped you change your mind on things. Happy Holidays!