Politics = Bad

Acacia Held, Reporter

The two-party system has gone too far. All you ever hear anymore is Republican vs. Democrat. That is not how this country was designed. No, that does not mean that I want a third-party to start an uprising. I believe that there is a much simpler way to run elections, and that is to change what we think is normal. Before you take this out of context, I am not a Republican and Democrat I am not a liberal or fascist or communist. I am an American. And I believe that we as a country could do better. 

When I was in middle school, my English class had formed a mock government. The teacher handed us a half sheet of paper and asked us to write down two of our classmates’ names. One for president and one for vice president. He then looked over them, wrote the tallies on the board, and we all voted “yay” or “nay” for the top two people. 

I feel like we should go back to a more democratic way of voting like they did in ancient Rome with the “pebble voting.” They had a pretty fool proof system. Pick which person you want to lead and either put in a white or grey stone. Someone would then count the stones and the leader would be decided. That way, it’s not up to an electoral college, it’s not potentially swayed by bias in the upper levels, and each person would genuinely have their say in who was president. In 2016, Hillary Clinton should have won. She had more popular votes than Donald Trump. She had a higher percentage of votes. The only reason Trump became president was because of the Electoral College. And now everyone is throwing hissy fits because that’s not who they voted for. And they would be right. They didn’t vote for Trump. 

What if we did things round robin style? It would basically be like a bracket. You have a list of candidates – ALL the candidates, not just republican and democrat – and you send them a form of questions about important topics. They mark down their answers, so that they are locked in and not flexible, and then send them in to the “official count.” Whoever has the better answers moves forward. More questions are asked, less and less people move forward. Until there are two. These two people will then be voted for based on a final question. 

There are a lot of people who only want to say yes to one candidate because they are saying no to another. The whole Republican/Democrat thing has seriously gotten out of hand. I don’t understand why one side can’t agree with the other on some points. Like say side A thought ABC about a topic. Oh, well then, the other side has to think XYZ. But they don’t. If they would put their differences aside and realize that, personally, they agree with each other, they could potentially help the country.