Fans Now Allowed at Sports

David Lowndes, Reporter

After such an absence of games with livestreams and silence, fans are finally back in the stands screaming and shouting, showing their support.

“It’s pretty great, I know being a senior this will probably be my first and last time I’m going to be here but, it was still pretty great,” senior Daisy Perez said

Fans are excited to finally be able to watch sports in person.

“It made me feel good! I really like to see. I like football, I really like to see my brother play. Really wanted to see my brother play, hopefully he don’t get hurt but it’s good to see him play,” senior Malik Peaks said

For fans we spoke with, it’s worth the safety risk attending the games.

“I’m not concerned, it looks like 95% of people here are wearing their masks and following the guidelines, so everything should look on the uppity up,” parent Brandon Green said

Parents enjoy being able to see their children play.

“I was very disappointed cause we went to other schools, they would’ve had fans, like okay? Can we have the same system? Have vouches people come in,” Parent Rod Atkinson said.

Even administrators are happy to see fans games as well.

“Completely! The first couple games were no fans in the stands just cheerleaders, dancers, the coaches and administrators,” Principal Ben Mitchell said.