BOE Makes Changes to Hybrid Learning Plan

Gia Hernandez, Reporter

Following a rise in COVID cases in Sedgwick County, the board of education called an emergency meeting on Friday, Oct. 30. In the 10 days the board decided on a hybrid learning plan, COVID cases have rises to 13.4%. Using the board’s gating criteria, a rate of 15% would put us in the “red” zone. That would mean that everyone in the district should be fully remote.

Since the board approved a hybrid model for the second semester of school, they have been receiving backlash from worried members of the community, most notably teachers that will be very high risk during hybrid learning. “We want our students back in school when it is safe to do so our teachers are tired, of the unstainable workload, the unrealistic expectation, they are tired of being mislead and the disrespect they face during the last meeting,” United Teachers of Wichita President Kimberly Howard said in a presentation to the board.

There have been questions concerning¬† the boards decision to stop temperature checks, “The reason we stopped doing temperature check is because it was recommended- and all the other districts have stopped it,” Superintendent Dr. Alicia Thompson said.

The issue of people not wearing their masks also discussed, We have to do a better job at saying it isn’t a option, you have to wear your mask,” board President Sheril Logan said.¬† “We’ve got to say that to our community, loud and clear.”

It was decided that the board would go forward with the hybrid learning plan and expect to send students back to school on Nov. 12. The board is also plans to have another meeting on Nov. 9. to review data again.