Southeast Testing New Remote Class; May Be Expanding to Other High Schools

Southeast Testing New Remote Class; May Be Expanding to Other High Schools

Kevin Nguyen, Reporter

Introduction to Computer Science is a new class here at Southeast.

“It’s going to help me pursue my career getting like practice for coding,” student Onel Rios (12) said.

“I like to walk around the class and make sure everybody working what their supposed to be working on and as long as nobody has any issue, and everything is going smoothly I will let Mr. Schoenhofer to teach the class and conduct any helping hands that he deem fit,” teacher Jeremy Boreman said.

While this class is being held in Boreman’s room, he’s not actually teaching the class. The class is actually being taught remotely by Kyle Schoenhofer.

“It has been a learning experience for both the teacher and the students, but it has gone really well,” Schoenhofer said. “I thought that the distance might pose a challenge, but it’s really, I’ve had no behaviors. I’ve had no issues.”

Schoenhofer says the class is developing very well even though he’s not in the classroom himself.

“I was really shocked at how quickly the students were picking out are picking up the coding and the programming languages that we’re using in class. All the students have been fantastic with this approach, and I think that they’re excited to take these types of classes that they’re interested in,” Schoenhofer said.

For students there are pros and cons of being taught remotely.

“It’s pretty fun there’s not much of difference (in the class),” Rios said.

“It can be a little difficult because it feels a lot less hands on and a lot of the times the teacher isn’t available if you do have questions,” student Arayah Robinson (12) said.

In the future the district may be expanding this to all USD259 high schools once they all have the same bell schedule.

“We could see this expanding to any subject,” Schoenhofer said. “We can have additionally like challenging courses, college courses and things that are offered dual credit classes where you don’t have to pick a specific school to go to.”