Citizens Advisory Board Meeting Held at Southeast

Lillian Saykham, Reporter

On March 3rd, Sedgwick County held a Citizens Advisory Board meeting at Southeast High School.

“(T)he purpose of the CAB meeting … is to look at local issues, learn more about local government and what Sedgwick County does and also advocate for what we need to commissioner Howell (who) sits on the Sedgwick County Board of Commissioners,” Citizens Advisory Board member and Southeast senior Andrew Le said. 

This board consists of a diverse group of citizens that talk about what they could do to make a difference in the state of Kansas. 

“(T)his group of citizens comes together, and they are supposed to basically review what the county is doing and look for opportunities for efficiencies and make recommendations to me on how to vote or things to advocate for or ideas that can make Sedgwick County a better place,” Sedgwick County Commissioner Jim Howell said. 

For this meeting to be held at Southeast, it makes it seem more open to the public. 

“We normally meet over the Oaklawn community building and sometimes when we get together, only the board members will show up, and not many members of the public. And so, by doing it this way, we are trying to let people know ‘Hey! Please get involved in politics. It’s your government. Please get involved in advocacy,’” Howell said. 

Having the board meeting at Southeast has opened up an opportunity for students to see the process of what the members of the board discusses.

“I wanted to hear their ideas or plans to help the youth of Kansas and they have mentioned … possibly having a program to help kids that are, you know, homeless or going through drug addiction,” Edan Williams (11) said. 

“I would just like to challenge the students of Southeast High School to get engaged. Those who are here, I would like to hear from them; find out what are their thoughts… I do not want to have a meeting just to have a meeting. That’s really not the point. We want to change things and we want to change things for the better,” Howell said. 

The Sedgwick County Commission has meetings every Wednesday at 9 AM at the Ruffin Building, located in the lower-level auditorium, which are typically open to the public.