Local Animal Shelter Overcrowded

Miguel A. Camacho Hernandez, Reporter

Irene Russeau likes to visit the adoption center at Kansas Humane Society to interact with the animals.

“I love this place. This is where I had my last dog from, and he was phenomenal. He was a service dog. He was just amazing,” Russeau said.

The shelter is facing an overcrowding issue.

“Currently we have 102 dogs available for adoption. We have 95 spots available in our building,” said Jordan Bani-Younes, director of communications for the Kansas Humane Society. “The Wichita Animal Shelter is currently seeing the highest intake number they’ve seen in over a decade.”

There are several reasons for the overcrowding. Bani-Yunes says the issue does not only pertain to Wichita, it’s a global problem.

“With covid a lot of our resources were taken away… Animals don’t really decide when they’re going to reproduce, they just do,” Bani-Younes said.

In addition to spaying and neutering your pets. Before considering adopting an animal, there are several things to keep in mind to avoid having to return your pet to the shelter.

“Make sure that your landlord allows animals. That’s one of our number one reasons for returns right now… Beyond that. Making sure you’re financially stable to home an animal. It’s one of those things people don’t think of. If you can’t pay for just our adoption fee. How are you going to be able to pay for care, for food? Those things can get pricey,” Bani-Younes said.

Rousseau says that adopting an animal is much more affordable and convenient.

“You’re going to pay through the nose for it and you’re going to pay for their health problems,” she said. “They are not to be fearful of commitment but commit to one of these puppies and kittens. They need homes.” 

The folks at Kansas Humane Society are offering discount rates if you are interested in adopting an animal.