Buff Blitz, Resource Fair Added to Parent-Teacher Conferences

Amyah Barnes

Every year Southeast hosts a Buff Blitz to introduce future Buffaloes and their parents to the school. The school also occasionally hosts resource fairs for students looking for college. And of course, parent-teacher conferences which happen each semester. 

This year, all these events were organized on the same day. 

“So in previous years, we’ve ran very traditional parent teacher conferences,” assistant principal Kim Baldwin said. “This year is a little bit different in that we’re trying to combine some other activities and trying to bring in some community and school resources so that we have a little bit more of a one stop shop for parents to learn about community resources and things that might be available for their students and their families, as well as what SE has to offer for families.”

Buff Blitz is an event hosted yearly at Southeast introducing new incoming students to the school and what it has to offer.  

“It gave us the chance to see all of the clubs and resources we have to offer,” parent Melody Aberi said. “She was interested in the medical club which was great…So it also just opened her eyes to see what’s available out there in high school.”

The resource fair was a new event this year, providing students with college and career resources and information to help them after high school. 

“I am hoping that our sophomores and our juniors get a good picture of what’s available to them after high school, as well as for next school year,” college and career counselor Thelma Manley said. “…So a little bit of everything that’s college and career related, whatever our students’ paths are I want to give them some basic information to plan for their future.”

The resource fair also included charity organizations and mental health services.

Parent-teacher conferences are a regular event hosted in the fall and spring semesters and Baldwin would like to include these sorts of events along with them in the future.

“But since this year is kind of a test run, we’ll see what happens afterwards,” Baldwin said. “We’re combining parent teacher conferences this year with a few other things to try to capitalize on parents being in the building, getting them in the building for multiple reasons to hopefully increase the number of access points that we have.”