Basketball teams wrap up regular season with mixed results

Natalia Arzola, Reporter

The boys basketball team and new head coach Carl Brown had a poor start to the season, including losing one of their most talented players to injury, senior Asa Barnes. Despite this, they managed to turn things around recently, in addition to some exciting wins in a recent tournament.

“After our rough start of the season, our coaches and our team had a meeting to decide what different rules we should do and after that I felt like we improved,” team captain Mason Le (12) said. 

Following the team meeting to discuss new rules, the boys built on their strengths and went on to win some big games. One of the leading games played this season was the second time the boys went up against Bishop Carroll and were able to avenge their loss to them earlier in the season.

“I’d say our biggest win this year was against Bishop Carrol at home. We were down big most of the game, then at the end, we pulled it off and won by one,” Le said. 

Coach Brown feels that his team should be performing well academically first before on the court.

“My expectation is just for players to keep excelling in the classroom first, and then excelling on the court and getting better each and every day. Our overall record matters but as a team, we expect to maximize our talent and hopefully we end the year with the state championship,” Brown said.

Although the season has been up and down, coach Brown has hopes to be back in the postseason soon.

As for the girls this year, things are going positively. Throughout the season, they have made major improvements as a team and continue to work hard. Their overall record this year is 14-6. Assistant coach Satori Roberson also has hopes for the girls postseason.

“I hope that not only do we go to state and win throughout our playoffs, but just that our girls, you know, stick it through and that they continue to get better, they continue to still be sisters and just fight it through together and that we end the season on a good note,” Roberson said.

The state tournament for boys and girls Class 6A will run from March 8-11 at Koch Arena.