Southeast on Display at Showcase of Opportunities

Miguel A. Camacho Hernandez, Reporter

Southeast was one of many schools present at this year’s showcase of opportunities.

It’s a great opportunity for parents and community members to see what Wichita public school has to offer. From pre-k; All the way through high school. Here at Southeast of course we’re going to focus on many of the unique opportunities we have for learning for our students,” principal Ben Mitchell said.

This year Southeast administration focused on the variety of Career and Technical Education programs you can take while attending Southeast.

If you look behind me. You can see the agriculture display. We have a small engine there. We have the stampede magazine which Mr. Christner and his student crew do an excellent job with,” Mitchell said.

Positive reviews all across the board this year with the event. 

It made it a lot easier to just come down here and be able to get a piece of paper that has all the information. … A lot more stuff than what I had expected them to have,” parent Lucas Kennedy said.

Class choices, options, smaller classrooms. Just a lot of different things that they offer … Northeast offers good programs but they’re very limited as to what classes you can take or what programs you can take,” parent Lorean Parrakenedy said.

The event had questioned the decision people had made regarding their high school of choice.

When I was in high school; It was the old Southeast. Seeing all the programs. It just maybe showing her what high school is potentially gonna’ be” parent Adrian Bolder said. The esports team. Whatever it is with the animals actually seems pretty cool.”