Metal Detectors in Place at West, Not Here Yet

Christopher Do, Reporter

Southeast should be getting metal detectors later this semester because there has been a delay.

“There is currently a supply chain issue. We were planning on getting them before we left for winter break. We didn’t have them when we came back, and right now we don’t have word as of when we will receive them, but they are still on their way and we will begin implementing our procedures as soon as they get into the building,” assistant principal Patric Jackson said.

The Southeast administration are trying to get as prepared as possible for when the detectors arrive.

“So we have a pretty good plan set up we have identified a couple of issues that we run into with students going through the scanners which will set them off. West High has them currently so we’ve been able to look at some of the issues they ran into,” Jackson said.

With West High piloting the metal detectors, Southeast is learning a bit from them.

“We’ve also learned that there’s some students who hand us their 3 ring binders, there’s some students who have to remove. Like one student was carrying an ankle weight, another student brings in a lock,… eyeglass cases are an issue…And those things have also set off the metal detectors,” West High assistant principal Christie Ramsey said.

There has been a plan implemented before the detectors come.

“We’ve been advertising for students for about a month now that the, their student laptops will set off the scanners and so we’ve been planning for students to take their laptop out ahead so they can place it on the table next to the scanner, walk through and after pick it back up and not have to hold up the line too long,” Jackson said.

Even though there were some problems first it has been going more smoothly.

“The first couple days it delayed the morning routine by 30 minutes the first day, fifteen the second day, and by the third and fourth day I think we kinda had it down to where we were almost on time. Now we have them in for four weeks, and now this morning everybody was through with plenty of time to get to class,” Ramsey said.