STUGO Looks to Increase Student Involvement

Natalia Arzola, Reporter

Southeast Student Government has recently started holding town hall meetings designed to get students more interested in student government and  inspire them to get involved. 

During these meetings, students are given the opportunity to voice their concerns or suggestions on ways to improve the school. Students who attend the meetings can also give their input and feedback on the progress there has been made so far by this year’s government and provide future ideas for events or problems students may be facing. 

STUGO President Andrew Le (12) believes that the meetings will help increase students’ investment in STUGO. 

“There are some students that don’t know what the student government does besides dances and whatnot, and we are trying to move away from that, but our biggest points are our homecomings, proms and spirit weeks,” Le said. “But I also wanted to focus on student engagement and focusing on student problems because that’s the whole point of student government. So we should be working with the students to address their issues.” 

STUGO sponsor Ryan Field also has hopes for the outcomes of the meetings. 

“What I’d like to see come out of the meetings are really good ideas, after school activities, clubs, organizations, and events that we can do, really cool themes for spirit week,” Field said. “We want to try and provide an opportunity for all students to have something to connect to here at Southeast, whether it’s through STUGO or promoting other organizations, everyone needs a place to plug in here I’d say. So that’s what the town halls are for. It’s for people to give that feedback.” 

Students who are curious about STUGO and would like to know more should reach out to Mr. Field in room F214.