Getting to Know the New Winter Sports Coaches

 Two new coaches are joining the southeast staff. First is new wrestling coach Kenneth Taylor who is also a BOE security officer. Taylor also has other qualifications and works with a passion for wrestling. 

 “As of now, we have been active, with our preseason conditioning. The students/athletes have been working extremely hard and seem to be very anxious for the season to begin. Our expectations for the season is for all student-athletes to hold themselves to high standards,” Taylor said. “We will work hard every day, in an attempt to reach individual, as well as team goals.” 

 Taylor says some wrestlers to look out for this year are Sirvontae William (11), Vondonyae Williams (11), Caphers Orangi (11), Sam Yakobo (11), Alivia Wilson (11), TaNayaih Hunt (11) and William Buckley (12).

 “I think he’s pretty cool… he’s really passionate about it and you always like that on a coach,” Buckley said. “I would like more of us to go to state this year.” 

 For Basketball, you may be familiar with the newest addition to the coaching lineup, fellow BOE security officer Karl Brown. Brown was formally the freshman coach and now he has moved up to the varsity team.  

 “I coached three years prior, here and one year prior at East, before assuming the head coach position,” Brown said. “I hope to bring trust, love, and loyalty, where the boys feel like they can trust me, that I love them and I just wanna’ get the best out of them as young men.”