New Esports Coach

Christopher Do, Reporter

The Esports team this year has a new head coach, and he isn’t alone.

“I managed to get some help, Mr. Schilling is helping me out this year, which is wonderful cause it’s a big job,” new Esports head coach Micah Smith said.

The players are still confident even with the new coaching situation.

“In my opinion it doesn’t really feel as different cause you it’s just, when we all gather up in this room we’re just expected to gather up and the coaches just watch over us, maybe give us some little tips here and now but it doesn’t really feel as different from last year as it does from this year necessarily,” Tom Nguyen (11) said.

Coach Smith has high hopes for the team this year.

“The season looks pretty promising. We have a lot of really strong players and a really strong time. It’s Overwatch and Valorant that is really big, we have big numbers for both of those games, we have strong players for both of those. League of Legends has some really strong players, Rocket League has some really strong players, so expect us to do pretty well,” Smith said.

The players hope to accomplish big things this year.

“Well one thing we do hope to accomplish this season is to try to place, I’d say about top 50 around the nation and we’re starting off a bit strong. But I hope we can get there by the end of the season,” Nguyen said.

“I’m trying to make it to the playoffs, see if we can win the prize and try and get Southeast name out there, see if we can do more things for Southeast, that’s mainly it,” Nathan Gestring (10).