New Metal Detectors Coming to USD 259 High Schools

Geavoni kee, Reporter

We have had a lot of fights the past few weeks here at southeast as well as south and north causing security to have to use their pepper spray to break them up and guns were found at west and heights.

“The past couple weeks in the beginning of the school year were crazy so much has happened this year a student even said they didn’t feel safe inside of schools,” USD 259 Safety Services Director Terri Moses said.

At their meeting on Sept. 12, the USD 259 Board of Education decided to put metal detectors inside of schools to bring more safety to students and staff members. These metal detectors are a little different from the metal detectors currently used at sporting events. These will only be looking for weapons and weapon-shaped items.

“It means not just focusing on metal these devices focus on the shape, density and metal of a firearm so they are looking for firearms,” Moses said.

This screenshot from a presentation to the school board shows the type of metal detectors that will be installed in all USD 259 high schools.

The way students come into the school will be a little different when the metal detectors are installed, but most students will be able to walk right through without stopping.

“What we intend to do is put these metal devices on both of the entrances so right now you just walk into the building there’s a staff member there now to make sure you’re a southeast student now you will walk through these devices, and you will get either a little green light just keep going and go to class,” Moses said.

Students say the metal detectors will help make sure students don’t bring weapons to school and could possibly stop the violence going on in schools.

“Yes, as long as I don’t have to take everything off in the morning, we are good because you know we have to do it at the games and it’s a lot,” Calvin Cotton (11) said.

“I think it’s a good idea to try and stop the people trying to bring guns here,” Mason Le (12) said.

The new metal detectors are expected to be installed sometime second semester.