New Tabletop Gaming Club Looking for Members

Kevin Nguyen, Reporter

There’s a new gaming-related club at Southeast this year. The Tabletop Gaming Club is a combination of the former D&D Club with the addition of trading card games.

“I think the idea just came from we had two students that wanted to each one wanted to do their own thing,” club sponsor Jonathon Schweer said. “So it was kind of let’s come together and figure out how we can make it work, you know? And that’s what we tried to do. So what the students really wanted to play D&D and one student really liked trading card games and so I said, why don’t we call it the tabletop gaming club and let’s do both and make it work here.”

What Schweer hopes for this club is for students to have fun and learn what potential they have.

“I mean my biggest hope they just get a love for a form of entertainment that they can enjoy the rest of their life. That’s something that they can learn basic math skills, reading skills, social skills, and something that they can maybe build friendships and make connection they’ll have for a long time,” Schweer said.

In the future they wanted to do competition with other schools.

“Ideally, I would like us to see if we can get other schools to pick up the club and then get to a point where we can start having some competitions with other schools,” Schweer said. “I think would be really cool. We could have you know, like a Pokemon tournament or a Yugioh Tournament with East high versus Southeast High or West high versus Southeast high. So ideally the next step will be kind of treat it like we do with the e-sports program and kind of open up a card sports program and see what we can do.”