2024 AVID Class Competition

Ryan Newby, Reporter

“I think that your AVID class is gonna’ lose is mainly because our avid class has more athletic people and smarter kids,” AVID student Carlos Calderon (11) said

“I think our AVID class is gonna’ win because we’re basically a family and we all know each other. I think since our class is a little smaller than theirs, we’re more closely knit,” AVID student Audriana Lagares (11) student.

“My class is definitely gonna’ be the winner,” AVID teacher Maria Church said.

“You’re going down Church’s Class,” AVID teacher Eric George said.

This year, Church and George have started a new type of competition between their avid classes. The winner will win crumble cookies.

“During junior year especially, you’re taking a lot of really challenging classes, you have the ACT you’re preparing for, you’re getting ready to apply for colleges and all kinds of other things. So we wanted to do something to kind of keep a more lighthearted approach and bring some fun into AIVD,” George said.

Battles in this competition consist of physical and mental games that will challenge the students’ collaboration.

“We’ve had trivia competitions, we are gonna’ have baby picture competitions so you can figure out who’s baby picture each. We’re gonna’ play kickball at some point. We kind of do some wacky games that are kind of outside the box,” said George. 

This new idea not only provides a fun contest, but it also attempts to strengthen relationships between the two classes.

“Mr. George and I, before school started this year, talked about ways to get our classes to come together, collaborate, and kind of build some comradery between the two classes,” said Church. 

“It’s fun and it’s a great way for me to get to know the other class, and see what they can do,” Calderon said.

Some students already have ideas to make the competitions better.

I think instead of having the teachers come up with the game ideas I think it would be fun to have the classes vote on what they want to do, that way they’d feel more motivated,” Lagares said. 

The current score is 2 to 1 with Church’s class in the lead.