A Spooktacular Musical

A Spooktacular Musical

Lilian Saykham, Reporter

The Southeast theater crew makes a comeback with their first performance of Scared Silly With A Spooktacular Revue. 

“It is currently a mixture of spooky stories. The baseline of the play is that we have three or four characters who are in their house, and the power goes out. They don’t have any sort of entertainment, and so, someone tells them stories,” Aaron Baker (12) said.

The play features something unique and engaging with new experiments that many people have never seen before.

“Well, this show actually is a sing along show. So people are welcome to sing along with us… which we haven’t done a musical like that since, I don’t know when, but ever since my freshman year I haven’t ever seen anything like that,” Marlene Ortega-Pauline (12) said.

“Like during a scene change we have something that’s going to happen that we never done before during the show, which is brand new. We have some new lights we’re supposed to be using. We have a whole bunch of new stuff that we are going to be playing around with this year,” Baker said. 

Throughout the whole process, there have been many obstacles that the production team faced in order to make the perfect performance.

“Definitely for the actors, some challenges is that they have to play a different character in each scene. So they have to change accents, they have to change costumes, they have to change their facial expression, their body gestures. Everything has to change constantly. So I think having to get into that mindset of who they are going to be when, is going to be a little bit difficult,” Sienna Cope (12) said.

Even with trouble, they still had an enjoyable time putting the play together. 

“The preparation part is amazing because the other people that are on the cast and on the crews, you can joke around with. You can be like, “Hey! I read this part. Did you read it?,” and if they didn’t, then you can make fun of them for it. If they did, then you can also make fun of them for it. It’s just… it’s just a fun joking experience,” Baker said. 

As the school year goes on, you can look forward to more performances from the Southeast theater production.