New Bathroom Pass Procedure

Chloie Lehto, Reporter

Southeast has adopted a new bathroom procedure. Each classroom is given a laminated sheet of paper, color-coded to which floor level they are located. The pass includes the name of your teacher and the classroom number. The passes are color-coded so hall monitors know that each student is using the closest bathroom. The pass is reusable, so students no longer use their agenda passes. 

“I feel like they’re pretty useful. You don’t have to fill up your agenda to go to the bathroom. You can use your passes for other things … going to the counselor, or to the ccc, stuff like that,” RJ Gwyn (11) said.

Another Southeast member says, “Yeah! It’s more effective. It’s very convenient; it’s more grab-and-go. And I like that it’s less bulky to grab around whenever you go in the bathroom,” Jimmy Nguyen (10) said.

The new method frees students from using all their passes before the end of the month. This also means the agenda passes can still be used but for more urgent visits within the building.

“What I dislike is that, you know, it wasn’t prioritizing what we need to do. For instance, what I mentioned before like “A senior counselor, or is it just for the bathroom?” You know you just go there, then you are done,” Gwyn said. 

One concern is the durability and the cleanliness of the pass.

“When you go into the bathroom you’ll see them on sinks, or some kids are still holding them while using the bathroom. Then it’s not really getting clean since we are not washing lanyards,” Calvin Cotton (11) said.

Principal Ben Mitchell says the school is already looking at ways of improving the quality of the passes.

“We need to improve the product,” Mitchell said. “We just got a piece of paper and laminated it. But after several usages, I don’t think most kids even wanna’ touch those. So, we got a work order in to get something a bit more stronger, a bit more card stock and stiff so it can be sanitized.”