Aquatics Class Has Joined The Mix

Jin Lam, Reporter

Southeast has added a swimming class to the roster.

“It’s definitely been interesting and fun to have pre time and being able to kind of explore different parts of swimming and not just swimming wholly and not just focus on diving or just other aspects if I want,” swimming student Caden Bleier (12) said.

Aquatics class is very beneficial, especially if you are on the swim team, because you can use that time to work on what you need to improve such as diving.

“I have extra time to practice and work on what I need to work on individually and I have time with coach also to work on extra things that he thinks I need to work on, so it’s been beneficial to me as a swimmer,” Bleier said.

Aquatics class is not only for people are who are in the swimming team, anybody can join as long if they have their physical record.

“Anybody can jump in, I do have kids that are on my swim team that are on it, but I also have kids that are just learning how to swim so i have a wide range of kids I have some kids that are interested in diving, I have some more kids that are interested in getting in a little bit of conditioning,” swimming teacher head swimming coach Jarred Gaskill said.

Swimming has a number of benefits such as improving your muscles and joints or just having fun.

“There is a conditioning point of it, it’s also good for just life skills, you go fishing one day you fall in the water, it’d be a good idea to know how to swim … every once in a while we’ll have time that we’ll be able to play like some of the different games that we have in water like water polo, water basketball,” Gaskill said.

Later in the school year there will be an addition to aquatics class where people can get certified to lifeguarding if they are interested.