New Fall Sports Coaches

William Sandlin, Reporter

Cross country runners have had many different coaches over the last few years. this season Emily Russel takes over as coach.

“Well, I did cross country in high school and I really loved it. it was my favorite team sport,” Russel said. “I did and I love running. I’m and so I’m really excited to combine those together with the student athletes here and it’s just been really fun so far, so I’m really excited for the season.”

Cross country is not the only sport with a new coach there is a new volleyball head coach too. Boyd Teemant is now the head coach after being JV coach under Valerie Most who was head coach for nearly three decades.

“Watching the girls have fun together and learn and grow together. That’s been really fun to see. watching them learn skills and see them get excited about learning they can be pretty good too,” Teemant said.

Having a new head coach comes with some adjustments for the players. But athletes say the transition has been smooth.

“I really liked the new coaches. The adjustments been really nice and easy,” cross country runner Jake Beuchamp (12) said. “They really know what they’re doing.  They really care about everybody here. It’s been really good.”