Weighted Grades Now Being Implemented in USD 259

Gia Hernandez and Lexie Thissen, Reporters

There are many changes expected in the coming school years such as Standard Reference Grading and now there is one more, weighted grades.

Weighted grades are a new system being introduced within USD 259 so colleges can identify which students are going above expectations. There will now be additional points awarded to students who take Honors or AP classes.

“The changes that are being made are that they are adding an additional weighted point to particular classes. So, for example an Advanced Placement class is going to receive one point additional weight. An honors class or Pre-IB (International Baccalaureate) class is going to receive .5 additional weight,“ counselor Cherrie Schnelle said.

Many students were under the impression that the weighted grades would affect the decision of valedictorian, but that is not the case.

“Valedictorian is based on cumulative GPA for unweighted grades and they are keeping that system in place,” Schnelle said. “So, 4.0 Students will still be recognized on the current system. And that is based on a student’s cumulative unweighted GPA. So the recognition will remain the same.”

Although weighted grades won’t affect the current valedictorian standing, it will affect student’s GPA and how they are recognized within the school environment.

“For me personally, I don’t care that much about it because I mean I’m already a valedictorian so it doesn’t change much for me. I just know, it would just change for people who let’s say got all A’s but didn’t take any harder classes. Like college or AP or honors classes. So I’m indifferent about it, I mean I think it’s good for me because then it just boosts my GPA. But that’s really it,” Tammy Nguyen (12) said.

“I was not really for it at first. However, once I learned more about it I’m kind of more lenient towards it. More so because, it helps differentiate students who take AP and Honors classes versus those who can get a 4.0 GPA without taking any honors or AP classes,” Andrew Le (11) said.

Weighting grades have already been implemented this year and you can check your weighted and unweighted GPA on your StudentVue.