Freshman Esports Team Dominating Competition

Noah Bierig, Reporter

From downtown into our town the freshman esports goes undefeated. It’s not uncommon for one of our esports teams to do well, but a team of all freshmen has blown everyone else out of the water.  

“Feels kind of good. I always wanted to be part of a team … About a year ago when I started watching pros play, I always wanted to be on a team and go against other teams,” Rocket League team captain Cameron Taylor (9) said.

“I’ve never seen it, and we’ve had freshmen, they usually start on our JV team, talk with the seniors, get mentored by the seniors and juniors. some of the upperclassmen and then find themselves on the varsity team maybe sophomore year. to have an all freshmen, champion-level, rocket league team. I’m super excited this is super rare,” coach Kyle Schoenhofer said.

Because this is their first year as a team, they are currently unranked but will get their rank at the end of the season. Coach Schoenhofer says they’d be tied for first in the entire region. These freshmen have only room for growth.

“Yeah absolutely it’s hard not to take an optimistic viewpoint of this, all freshmen, already undefeated through over half the season. Looking like they’re going to have a really good playoff run,” Schoenhofer said. “So I mean, what is next? How can they get better than this pure domination for four years straight?” 

These players have even inspired some younger kids to come and play.

“Yeah actually we’ve had a few middle schoolers come in, and they view our lab and we’re probably going to have more of that,” Schoenhofer said. “And them being so young I think that’s just a natural magnet for middle schoolers thinking about their very next year. nationally ranked rocket league or esports players so that’s pretty cool that they’re so young.”