Southeast Now Has Boys Volleyball

Chloe Torkelson , Reporter

In late November, Southeast counselor Boyd Teemant, alongside a few students, created the boys volleyball team.

“I wanted to provide the boys a chance to play in high school, which I didn’t have. There were boys interested in the past, but this year, a lot of the boys took a lot more initiative,” Teemant said.

Many of the boys were excited, when finding out a boys volleyball team was created. “I was really excited because I wish there was one during my freshman year. So I was really excited hearing about it,” Setter Kyler Syharath (12) said.

There currently isn’t a league in line, however there are three teams that play against each other, Southeast, Derby and Haysville.

The closest boys league is in Kansas City. Not wanting to travel up and back constantly, the team decided to just join their tournaments and wait till they are able to create a league in the near future.

“I think East said they might have a team and we’re hoping you know a couple other teams somewhere else. But by this time I hope we can get that going this year, three, four or five teams, then next year, maybe there’ll be seven or eight and we can create a league from there,” Teemant said.

Since Southeast is the first boys team in USD 259, they are not under any KSHAA regulations. They are currently just following the basic rules of volleyball and matching with other teams to play.

“If it were to become a case for us to be under the KSHAA rules, which it might, but it will probably be five or ten years before that happens,” Teemant said.

For now they are currently just a club and as far as eligibility, the players just need to be male, in high school and participate in practices. They currently do not have any formal tryouts, so all players have to do is to talk to coach Teemant. They currently have two teams, A and B teams, both playing the state tournament in May.