It’s Spring! Lets Take a Break

Alahney Dubose, Reporter

 As we all know, many are looking forward to spring break (including myself). The break will give both teachers and students time to plan and get away from academic responsibilities. There are numerous different things people would do during spring break such as traveling, spending time with family, or even going to concerts. 

“Trippie Redds’ concert will be lit and I am super excited,” Anneliese Nguyen (10) said.  

Lizmarie Holloway (11) says she will be traveling to Kenya during the break. “It will be a different experience, this will be my first time going but I’m sure I’ll love it, especially with seeing family I haven’t seen in a while,” she said.

 Some students will continue their academic strive for greatness, which is always a good thing. “I want to get on top of my work and look more into college since I’m a junior now, but previously I’ve gone to Miami Florida,” Argentina Mhmbira (11) said.

Alexis Trejo (11) said he will also be studying during the break. “I usually just read online books and try and learn something new to keep my brain refreshed,” he said. 

Many people also wonder what it is that teachers do during the break. They believe they catch up on quarter grades or work on schoolwork. But they really spend time with family and travel just like students.  

English teacher Kyle Schoenhofer, says he will be going to the Ozarks and staying in a luxury treehouse. “The treehouse has been built high up in the trees but it is by no means just sticks and nails … we plan to hike around the mountains and take some amazing pictures as a family,” he said. 

If you haven’t anything to do for the break next year, you can sign up and start fundraising for a trip to Costa Rica. Math teacher Donna Cook-Lujano sponsors spring break trips regularly, and Belize was the most recent. In Belize students interacted with new people and learned a new culture. 

“I want every student to have an opportunity to see the world,” Cook-Lujano said. 

There are now eight students signed up for the trip to Costa Rica and she is hoping for many more. The requirements for this trip will be; being able to hike for at least a mile, attending scheduled events and having a passport and VISA in order to travel a foreign country.

No matter what you do or what your plans are during the break, be sure to come back to school restored and ready to learn something new.