Board Playing Politics over Mask Mandate

Nazjai Dickson, Reporter

What happened at the recent school board meeting was completely ridiculous. It was, to quote a peer of mine, “petty politics.” I mean, why can’t you people wear a mask for an hour in support for the kids helping our community?

If you’re unaware of the situation I’m speaking about, let me clear it up for you. A few weeks ago, at the first board meeting of the year, there was supposed to be a celebration of students in the community.

However, because of an overwhelming reluctance and resistance to wearing a mask, specifically Diane Albert, Kathy Bond and Hazel Stabler. The meeting had to be called off and rescheduled, letting multiple students down who were supposed to be celebrated for their accomplishments. 

If you had heard of this, it was probably from Andrew Le’s tweets, snapchats and comments on local media. Hopefully, you felt some kind of outrage like me. I remember how astonished I felt upon seeing it. My first thought was, “how un-intelligent and lacking critical thinking skills can these people be?”

I just think if we had a board more reflective of the people who actually go to USD 259 schools, or a board with people who are formally versed in researching their beliefs, life would be much easier. I think that all boards and government run groups and associations would be a reflection of the people they represent.

Another mask related topic (And BOE) is the mask mandate being lifted right after spring break.  Are you kidding me people? It’s completely absurd and will send the cases into a skyrocket. This will almost guarantee a rise in cases. Take winter break for example, the moment people came back COVID cases sparked. This will be no different in fact it may be worse seeing as most people will not be masked.