Classes Work Together Make Corn Hole Boards

Brody Shaw , Reporter

Four different classes came together to make a project that will be used in the P.E. classes

“Currently right now we did an inservice last year and one of the things we did was called corn hole and so we were looking at buying some as an outdoor recreation activity. So I started pricing the boards and things and they were kinda expensive,” P.E. teacher William Wise said.

Since the boards are expensive, Wise thought he could save some money by building with the help of other classes.

“Here at Southeast the engineering classes they built the boards textiles are making the bean bags and then were painting and then coach wise will be using them in the P.E. classes. The students were also excited about helping with this project,” art teacher Ms. Bangle said.

Students were excited to be part of the process and teachers want to see more collaboration like this throughout kids and staff.

 “Collaboration is a good idea because in the real world not one person or one company makes one product. Most of the time everyone has an expertise and they put that expertise together to make the final product,” textiles teacher Monica Tarver said. 

Students are looking forward to the cornhole games in their P.E. classes