COVID Impacts Student Teacher Experience

COVID-19 has had a negative impact on student teachers’ learning experience compared to what they would experience under normal circumstances.

“You were kind of able to get them in the swing of things quicker. They had more access to the students who were used to being in class, less stuff kind of online,” Social Studies teacher Eric George said.

“It’s been a little hard because there’s a lot that I can and can’t do and there’s a lot I have to take into consideration when it comes to absences,” Student-Teacher Syd Sorensen said.

“I think it’s a lot different than what we’re taught in our classes because personalities are different and it’s harder to adapt to multiple personalities and especially being in a year of quarantine,” Student-Teacher Kayla Benson said.

One of the biggest challenges this year is technology.

“In the past, we had like extra technology that we could give out to student teachers. They have to bring their own technology and then we have to go through some paperwork and forms to grant them access and they don’t get access to everything so that’s where we have to work together,” Social Studies teacher Kathy Saar said.

“Trying to learn how to use different programs because each district uses like different programs. So you can’t just teach one and expect someone to know how to use them all,” Student-Teacher Rachael Urban said.

Mr. Field is one of the few who had a student teacher last year.

“So she was actually observing my classroom when the pandemic hit in March of 2019. She then continued on and did her student teaching with me through the 19-20 school year,” History teacher Ryan Field said.

He changed his teaching methods for her to get the best learning experience.

“Where last year was like we’re going to focus on lesson planning, then focus on being engaging, oh now students are back now we’re going to focus on classroom management. It was kind of just a very different way and a different approach to student teaching last year,” Field said.

Hopefully in the future student teachers will get the whole experience again.