Diving Returns to Southeast


Tammy Nguyen

Jeremy Johnson prepares to dive during a competition on Dec. 10.

David Lowndes, Reporter

For the first time in as long as anyone can remember, Southeast has a diving program.

“It’s really cool, this is actually the first year we had a diving team, I talked to coach in the past and he said that the only other diving team we had was one. Like one person on the team,” diver Ryan Newby (10) said.

“It’s been fun. I’ve dealt with diving in the past but not very much I just dabbled A little bit. This year we’ve gone full-on diving program and it’s wonderful,” head coach Jared Gaskill said.

Before Southeast had a diving program, the team was always at a disadvantage. Because of the lack of players, no points could be earned.

“Definitely diving helps a lot. Without diving we’re pretty much guaranteed a 3rd at best most likely because diving scores a lot more points. It’s like free points. At our very first meet, we were the only team with divers, so we swept all the points in diving which is huge,” swimmer Caden Bleier (11) said.

While in swimming you’ll need to learn 4 strokes, to be able to become a qualified diver you need to learn many other diving techniques. There are 11 different dives that the teammates have to learn in order to participate in meets.

Coach Gaskill encourages and welcomes for more divers to join so we can continue to have the diving program.