Tech Issues

Paul Ramirez

Now that every student has received a computer, technology issues are becoming more of a problem.

“The most common issues right now are lost chargers and broken screens. not keeping care of their property and their technology,” Southeast Site Technology Specialist Matt Lewis said.

Another issue is damage to students laptops.

“One big thing for broken screens I see students doing this, and that is a good way to break the screen, just simple pressure like that will cause a screen to break so I recommend lifting from the base, two hands is always preferable, also making sure you keep in mind that when the laptop is in your backpack that you keep it in your mindset because I hear a lot of times I have it in my backpack and I have no idea how it got broken,” Lewis said.

There are many things that students can do to take better care of their laptops.

“It’s very important that we manage it well, use it appropriately, and then also we keep them clean and dust free, i see a lot of issues with keyboards and they’re filthy because people are eating right next to it or spilling stuff on it, that type of stuff so self care of the technology and proper use,” Lewis said.

If you are having issues its it is important to submit a request on the southeast website.

“As long as they submit a request properly it goes right into my system and then i’m working a lot on those requests as quickly and as fast as possible,” Lewis said.