Reinforcing School Policies

Anneliese Nguyen, Reporter

Coming back to school in person has effected students behavior. Administration anticipated more behavior issues after on remote for so long, which drives them to reinforce common school policies.

“Get off your phones yall, like, I probably have the lenience on the phones, but like every time I look up I feel like students are on their phone and not doing their assignments. I just wish that phones were less of a need,” biology teacher Alyssa Cooley said.

I think be more kind to each other and patient, with the advocate of google and a couple decades now. People want instant answers and just being patient and kind when they have to wait,” English teacher Tracy Catlin said.

Reinforcing small behavior can help prevent something bigger from happening. For years now, teachers were obligated to enforce school policies, but will students abide these rules?

“I think it’ll be impactful if teachers have a unified front. You know if teachers do their part to, you know to enforce it and push students to do what they should be doing then I think it’ll be successful” history teacher Jonathan Buster said.

Terri Moses, Division Director of USD 259 Safety and Environmental Services, says “In the world on the police its called the broken. If you allowed a community to be run down, where one window is broken, and nobody fixes it. One lock becomes over run with weeds. Then its a message to the community that nobody cares, and you’ll see more vandalisms and more broken windows, then that’ll escalate to violent crimes. Its an opportunity for people who violate crimes, to see the location they will go, that relates well to schools.”