Winter Sports Preview

Ryan Newby, Reporter

Winter sports are just around the corner. These sports include boys and girls basketball, wrestling, bowling, and boys swimming.

All of these sports were heavily impacted by the transition to online learning.

“Things were definitely different. I wouldn’t want to go through a year like that, again,” Coach Mitchell said.

“Yea, last season was kinda’ a crazy one. I think a big part of it was like COVID hit, some kids were at home having trouble getting rides here or I don’t know, maybe a lack of motivation, not sure what’s exactly going on,” swimming coach Jarred Gaskill said.

However, with students coming back to school, coaches and players are looking forward to a new fresh season.

“Looking to get back to the swing of things, looking for my seniors to take charge and take lead and hopefully this to a deep postseason run,” Mitchell said.

Coach Mitchell has several players to watch out for.

“One player that comes to mind is Keaton Williams, 6’8″ post. He actually goes to Northeast. He should have a big big year this year. Mario Walker, he’s a senior here … should have a big year. Asa Barnes Jr. should have a big year as well.”

Boys and girls basketball starts on November 15th. 

Boys and girls wrestling starts November 14th and Coach Johnson is looking forward to the upcoming season.

“We should be pretty well, hopefully, we get a lot more kids out. We have about 60 kids interested so far, and hopefully more. Getting to see the kids actually like when they hit a move or someone that in wrestling, they actually can actually hit it. They’re excited, and they win for the first time, which is always good to see,” Coach Johnson said.

Tavierage Maples and Egypt Allen were state qualifiers last year, so be on the lookout for them.

Swimming is also another sport trying to get more players.

“Our team size dropped dramatically. We went from around 24 kids to like nine.”

And that makes a big difference in how the swim team performs. Bigger numbers helps you score more points. The more people you have, the more points you can score,” Gaskill said. “I’m really excited for this upcoming season. We’re back in the building so hopefully, that also means that we’ll have a larger team again. We also should have diving this year which would be really exciting, that’s big points right there.”

Some swimmers to look out for are Aiden jones, Evan Boudreau, and Caden Bleier.

Bowling tryouts will take place after Thanksgiving and will start in January.