Creative Writing Students Work on Serial Novel

Skyler Keovilay, Reporter

Miss Dold’s Creative Writing class is currently working on a story that the whole class gets to participate in.

“We are producing a serial story; so, if you throw it way back to newspapers in the old days where they would release a chapter per month, per week and these chapters would come out and people would wait for them, kind of like a Netflix TV show.” Creative Writing teacher Courtney Dold said.

Each student in the class will be able to contribute to the story.

“So, we have 33 different authors, 33 different chapters, and the students really made it their own,” Dold said. “They took it over, they planned everything out, we had different planning groups like plot, main character, antagonist.”

In order to make sure the story goes the way everyone wants, the class has formed a process for everyone to pitch their ideas into the story.

“All these students pitched ideas and then they voted, and the story pitch was that there was an assassin who was an assassin from a young age and became the best of the best and has this crazy story line.” Dold said.

According to Dold, it seems as if all the students enjoy working together on the story.

“When students take control of something and you can sit back and watch them do it,” Dold said. “You can see the students come up with ideas of their own and really take agency and take control and it’s really neat.”

“Writing a story for the school just sounds so fun and I’m excited to see how this school likes it as the story progresses,” Lyndsey Anderson (11) said.

If you want to keep up to date, stay tuned for more updates on the story.

“We have some new characters being introduced soon,” Dold said. “If you’re interested at all in an assassin’s story with all that twist and turns and backstabbing and surprises, then read along.”