Social Struggles


Christopher Do, Reporter

With most students not being in person for so long, many teachers are noticing that student participation has changed since we were last in person. 

“Yes, much more participation in class than from when we were doing full remote, absolutely, so I would say almost everybody is participating in most of my classes, so that’s a huge difference from last year,” photography teacher Veronica Remaly said.

“I would say I see different students participating more, I think that some students feel more comfortable on the computer but not as comfortable in the classroom speaking up, which is a downside, however I think in general everyone is much happier to be back in person,” English teacher Kristen Palmeira said.

But how are students adjusting getting back to normal with speaking and interacting with others?

“I have been teaching for many many years so this year I’ve seen there wasn’t as much excitement or jumping into the activities as before, once they got going they were fine but they were a little reluctant so I think there was bit of reluctance with students getting started,” Remaly said.

However, some people might have been more social getting used to being back in person.

“I’ve notice that there is the singular students that answers a lot of questions still, but they’re starting to,” Remaly said, “but the shyer students are starting to come around more a little bit more, so I think it’s just adjusting to having the opportunities and I think they’ll come around here soon.”