Looking Back at the 20-21 School Year

Alaejah Robinson, Reporter

It all started with the shocking news that the governor ordered K-12 schools to close for the rest of the year due to COVID. This has caused spring break to extend throughout summer.

“At first I was excited, because it was an extra spring break. Then, it got really annoying. Got too long,” Jr. Caleb Dodd said.

It was a hard start for students and teachers alike with these sudden changes. They had to adjust to new ways of teaching through teams.

“I didn’t know anything about it. I had to learn as we went, just like everybody. I would describe this as feeling like a first year teacher,” Social Studies teacher Robert Maddux said. “Not content, but with how to start up and get the class together.” 

Although the teachers were trying their best, many students were being affected by the isolation of remote learning and had a difficult time adjusting to their new environment.

“It was way different, but it was hard because you have to do everything on your own. They can’t just come up to help you. Teachers have to unmute themselves, can’t get that solo help online. That in-person is way better. You get your stuff done,” Jr. Teaveon Berry said.

As the Board of Education  thought it was best to set up a hybrid system for students wanting to come back, many students and teachers were excited to get back to in-person schooling.

“I was excited to have my students back, to finally see some faces. I know it won’t be the same and we will have to have some restrictions, but I’m glad we are on the path to getting back to normal,” Business teacher Kaitlyn Flickinger said.

Although students are back in the building, the year would be far from normal. Sports and  other events are still heavily restricted. No students are able to participate, and many are eager for all the fun events they miss to come back.

“Yes, ten times. I would have loved to have a pep assembly this year. As a freshman, experiencing the peps was amazing and knowing we are missing out on all of those this year kind of sucked.” So. Montae Oliver said. 

Although Southeast has a long way to go before safely getting school back to normal, students are ready to be back on-site.

“Come back to school, that’s all I got to say. It’s sad without all the students. If all the students come back we will have a better year. They’ll do more stuff. Social distance is gonna be hard so come back, we’re bored,” Berry said.