First Track Meet at Southeast a Success

Katherine Alfaro, Sports Reporter

With the completion of the new stadium, Southeast was finally able to host their own home track meet this season. There are many advantages to competing in your home stadium, according to teacher Kinsey Colclasure, who helped run the event.

“The dynamic of this is important, I think having a home, a place to actually have events for sporting events such as the track meet that you see as well as football, I think it’s going to bring a commodity of just a good feel we’re not traveling anymore  to a location finally having something that’s in our backyard,” Colclasure said.

“It is definitely easier to have home meets because its easier to prepare without having to pack loads of things,” track athlete  Elontae Cooper said.

“I don’t want to go travel to someone else’s field thinking that it’s our field, now we have our own field to compete on,” track athlete Keyshaun Grim said.

Having meets here also helps out with the team’s performance.

“This definitely gives us an advantage because it pushes you to know that you have an actual crowd from southeast we know everything. We practice here every day. Where everything is at. We know every curve, every lane. Advantages are basically we know everything,” Cooper said.

A lot of staff and students are happy and excited for possible future events and activities in this stadium and are looking forward to supporting their team during home events.

Athletic Director Kyle Haught says the school’s facilities are some of the best in the area and he hopes this will help build pride in the school’s programs. He would like to see the Southeast Invitational become one of the largest events in the state.