New Video Game Concepts Class Proves Popular

Minh Nguyen, Reporter

Video games are incredibly popular and there is now a class for those interested in them.

“So gaming concepts is all about play video games. It means we talk about the implications of mental and physical health, we talk about the implications of mental or physical health, we talk about advocating for esports and trying to really change the perception of how video games are viewed in our society as a whole and in education as well,” teacher Katelyn Schoenhofer said. 

The class has become a student favorite, with over 200 students trying to enroll in the class next year.

“Everyone plays games and well since we’re having a class for it. People actually enjoy it, you will have time to play games in school and relax a little bit, have a class where you could sit back, have fun,” student Matthew Brown said.

Students enjoy the ease of the class and they get to have fun while learning class credit.

“This is probably one of the better classes to take because it’s an easy class, hard to fail, if you’re doing what you’re supposed to do, you’re gonna pass no matter what, and Mrs. Schoenhofer is a great teacher, you’ll have lots of fun be ok,” student Santos Alvarez said.

“You really can’t fail this class as long as you participate, it’s just for fun, have fun with it, don’t lose your brain, you’ll be okay,” Brown said. 

This year, the district has put more focus on student interest and changing up classes in order to fit those interests.

“The district is showing an initiative to make changes for what kids are interested in, instead of sticking in their same old ways, and the same way that things should be done in school, they’re realizing that today’s generation is a little different and they have different desires, different wants, different interests and we shouldn’t fight those interest,” Schoenhofer said.