Andrews Class Getting Hands-On Experience Restoring Vehicle

Evan Tong, Reporter

For those of you that enjoy cars, the PURR of a V8 can be just alluring, and Mr. Andrews has been cooking something up since the start of this semester.

“The car is a 1988 Ford Mustang Convertible, it is a GT, it would have had a V8, and it would have been around the time when they were doing a lot of emission on cars so it would have been underpowered. We hope to change that,” mechanical engineering teacher Austin Andrews said.

Andrews has been working on it with his class and with students after hours on remote Wednesdays. 

“Obviously we’re doing the engine, but we’re gonna do the coolant or radiator part of it is all getting replaced. So we’re all going back with new parts. We also have some new parts that we’re putting in that weren’t available when the car was built. Like your coil over suspension, and some of the racing technology out there that we’re able to put into this car. It’s gonna ride and handle a lot better when it’s back on the ground,” Andrews said. 

This is a great project for students that could use the experience of maintaining a car not only for practicality, but even a future career. 

“My favorite part about working on the car is getting my hands dirty cause then you’re actually understanding how to use all the tools that  you need to use and what tools are for what job and where parts go and how to take it apart,” freshman Logan Winzer said. 

“I think it’s less about the academic part of things, but here we socialize and joke around while taking things apart for our class,” junior Jacob Zawkiewicz said. 

“My biggest joy is being able to give my experience and my knowledge to younger people so they can go be successful themselves,” Andrews said. 

\“Trying to start something and finish it correctly but taking my time while doing it and learning new things that I haven’t learned personally,” junior  Anthony Salcedo said.