eSports Still Competing During Remote Learning

Minh Nguyen, Reporter

The Southeast League of Legends team took home the PlayVS Fall 2020 Central US Championship trophy.  

“I think it feels good considering it’s the first official year bringing home the trophy,” Team Captain Luck Truong said.  

“It feels very good… It’s great to be successful out of the gate, not only to show that there is opportunity in eSports but also to be rewarded for doing something so quickly,” coach Micah Smith said 

Due to COVID restrictions, the team all had to play from home this year.  

“I think people played better because they are comfortable and they’re at home but the one thing that wasn’t better was the human interaction,” Jr. Matthew Brown said.  

“Like just being able to be in the same room you just get the feeling that you can do anything basically, it’s just that team spirit,” Jr. Kevin Nguyen said.  

The school’s two League of Legends teams wrapped up their regular season both with a 13-3 record, placing them in ninth and tenth place out of 169 teams in the league.  

“I think it was a good result for both teams and especially a proud moment to have both teams in the Top 10, especially right next to each other was really great,” Smith said.  

This year, due to COVID, the playoffs consisted of 128 teams and it occurs all in one week.  

“The schedule was certainly not ideal, having 128 teams play in the playoffs was pretty crazy let alone playing everyday for an entire week in the middle of school a week before finals week was very much not ideal,” Smith said.  

“Honestly I was pretty stressed out because that week it was also finals week for classes as well and so with finals happening and playoffs happening it was pretty hard,” Nguyen said.  

The players however, pulled through and on the way to the finals, the schools two teams met in the bracket at Top 16.  

“It’s a little bit disappointing and sad because I know that both of our teams were very capable of making it into the Top 8 and maybe even into the Top 4, whereas maybe some of the other ones weren’t quite so good,” Smith said.  

“It sucked, I really was not happy with it but there’s not much you could do like you said there was 128 all going at it in order to make it to at least quarterfinals, it’s still a long way to come,” Brown said.  

Unfortunately, due to COVID, a national event has not happened yet, but PlayVS, the tournament organizer, has been in the talks. 

In the meantime, the team is always looking for more players. 

“We’re definitely looking for more people to be involved, more people to help grow our program because we certainly have the best one in Wichita and I would probably argue the best one in the Central region based on our results across the board,” Smith said.