Keeping Active During Remote Learning


Mike Harris

A student uses a computer to participate in a Teams meeting during weightlifting class.

Christina Tran, Reporter

When the district announced remote schooling, even since students have been learning remotely, it was harder for students to move around or be as active as usual since they are behind a screen all day. 

“Well in a normal environment I would. I would be doing more sports and I would now. Last year [I played] tennis and cross country this year only cross country,” So. Andrew Le said.  

Many teachers have encouraged students to move around and stretch instead of sitting in one spot. 

“I know Miss Saar has done this when I was taking classes with her about her last semester and should give us about 5 or 10 minutes. Just get up and stretch around with your feet and then come back and get ready for another lesson,” Le said.  

Teaching a PE class online can be difficult but the teachers are slowly adjusting. 

“We use Class Notebook and I put all their workouts into Class Notebook and they independently do them and they have follow up questions after the workout that they have to answer,” PE teacher Barbie Bonds said.  

“Once we figured out a routine and students knew what they needed to do to be successful. It took a lot of attempts to get to that spot in class to be where you know we wanted to be, but I think once we got there, it really worked well,”  PE teacher Emily Russell said.  

In-person students are limited to what they can do in PE compared to before the pandemic.  

“Well we really didn’t have to follow restrictions you know we could be more hands-on with stuff but with the restrictions, we can’t really with the social distance we have to clean everything we touch so it gets hard at times,” So. Christopher Atkins said.  

Although many students are stuck at home, some have found a daily routine to stay fit.  

”So I wake up around 5:50 and then I do some cardio and like cardio work and whole-body stuff  At home with home workouts like I would find online,” Sr. Aleta Souphanh said.  

It is extremely important to be healthy by staying active there are many dangers of not exercising.   

”The biggest inactivity is going to be a change of muscle it doesn’t change muscle but they’re going to accumulate more fat and they are going to come unhealthy and inactivity is the number one cause of obesity and that’s what I’m worried about is that they aren’t being active enough,” Bonds said.