Online Stress

Lyndsey Anderson, Reporter

Even though we’re back in person some people are still online and sometimes it can be a little difficult on them

“Being in a remote environment has significantly impacted my stress levels. I am a big procrastinator and it’s gotten worse from remote, from the remote environment because now I have easier access to my other electronic devices and I’m more easily able to get distracted than if I were in a classroom environment right?” So. Andrew Le said.

But he’s far from alone when it comes to the struggle of online learning. 

“Because being remote we’ve had this four by four schedule and so we learn everything in a year all cramped into one semester so like all the assignments and quizzes and tests in all a short amount of time like it gets to you,” Jr. Kevin Nguyen said. 

But students and teachers have found some ways to cope with stress while online and in person.  

“I am an orchestral composer, I compose for scores and it’s the only way of how I can alleviate my stress so that I can focus on other subjects that are school related. So I can get myself back to my head level so I can continue on doing these tasks that the teachers ask us to do,” Jr. Justin Kosal said.  

“I just make sure to spend some time doing activities I enjoy, make sure I get out of the house, don’t find myself cooped up inside my house no matter what the weather is,” teacher Sandy Boutz said. 

There are some upsides to the current situation. 

“I have better and better access to the internet. and I am able to get to those online resources much quicker than if i were in a classroom environment,” Le said 

But even then, Le continues, there’s always a downside. 

“But also, I believe I have lost a little bit of my drive to be on the remote environment because again now I have better access to the internet so it’s easier for me to get caught up with other things and start being lazy instead of actually putting all my effort in my work.”