BOE Votes to Bring Back More Students for Fourth Quarter

Gia Hernandez, Reporter

During a meeting on Monday, March 8 voted 6-0 to bring back all face-to-face students five days a week starting March 29.

So far, many things have changed about school this year. For example, students have gone from fully remote first quarter to partially remote second quarter. Although some students are back, many are still learning remotely. Currently students alternate what days they go to school (Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday) and everyone is remote during Wednesday.

Although more students will be coming back to school, people will still be expected to follow Health Department guidelines. “We Intend to follow Sedgwick County Health Department’s modified close-contact quarantine for students,” Superintendent Dr. Alicia Thompson said. “This recommendation is based on the analysis of very low transmission amongst students and will minimize the impact of potential quarantine situations this spring as long as student and staff are properly masked at all times.”

Thompson said they did consider bringing all students back in person, but “this kind of dramatic change was too much for the final quarter of the school year.”

All My School Remote students will have the choice to switch to face-to-face. Additionally the board is allowing the Superintendent to monitor the health situation and suggest changes as needed.