Market Day

When you’re tired of the old school lunch, you can always come to Market Days. They featured everything from Freddy’s Frozen Custard to Mexican food and took place in the South foyer. Market Day is part of the Youth Entrepreneurs (YE) class taught by Valerie Most in E-Hall .  “Youth Entrepreneurs is basically a class that teaches students the process of running their own business,”  Most said. For Market Day members of the YE class plan businesses come up with food to sell and they make their own booths and prepare for the bell to ring for the rush of students trying to […]

African Masks

Jo Baker, art teacher, teaches a Pottery Class. Her students used the skills they learned in the beginning of the year to create their very own African masks. Before this project, Mrs. Baker had the class work on a pinch-pot project on clay whistles and then coil cups to gain experience before this later project.


Crazy Hair

Having crazy hair may not be “crazy” anymore; it is considered the new normal. Having blonde, black, or brown hair isn’t what’s in anymore; ombre, green tips, and shaving half of your head is what is actually in. The trending hair colors in 2015 are pastel purple, silver, and the most common, bright red.

scholarship cartoon thing copy

There Is No Rest in Wrestling

A ring of fire surrounds you, and your opponent is only three meters away. You have to figure out how to pin him or her down on their shoulders before they get the quick on you. The clock starts and it feels endless in the circle of defeat; the anticipation is the worst. Wrestling is a tough sport that not everyone can compete in. There are risks of getting injured and not being able to participate in any sports for the rest of season. Matt Hurley, sr., is on his fourth year of wrestling. He has accomplished much in the […]