LAC Takes Part in Annual Turkey Drive

Nazjai Dickson, Reporter

This year Southeast continued the annual USD 259Turkey Drive. Leadership Advisory Council (LAC) is a student-led group that holds the Turkey Drive every year.  “The Turkey Drive is where we collect canned foods, side items turkeys for families in need in Wichita to have a good Thanksgiving,” LAC sponsor Kaitlyn Hoover said.

“The Turkey Drive provides a purpose to give back to our community. So people who are homeless or do not have enough money for food to be thankful for this holiday. We decided to give back around the community for USD 259,” said LAC member Leia Medina (12). “It brings up hope and joy throughout Wichita to provide for others that…don’t have that much”

This was Coach Hoover’s first year sponsoring LAC and her first time helping with this event. 

 “This is something that Southeast has been a part of for many years. So when I became the LAC person, I just kind of took it over. So, just carrying on the tradition,” Hoover said. “This benefits anybody in Wichita who needs turkeys for thanksgiving food.”

This year Southeast collected 29, 349 side items, and around $500 dollars. “We collected turkeys and a bunch of side dishes like corn, green beans… stuff like that,” Medina said. 

The Drive also allowed students the opportunity to eliminate some of their tardies while also giving back by participating and donating food items.